Skin Selector v3 Cleo Mod Android

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Skin Selector v3 Cleo Mod Android

If you ever wanted to change your skin to a pedestrian or gang member or any other character then you can use this skin selector mod. The maker of this mod is "HAF". This mod will let you change your skin to any pedestrian (present in GTA San Andreas). This mod can be used to change your skin to a custom skin. This is a cleo mod so cleo android is required to run this mod. This mod is different from other because the skin you want to choose is shown and rotates.
To install this mod please follow these steps:

Before You Start

• Cleo Android is required to run this mod.
• Enable this mod by going to cleo menu. Click here for help!
• To uninstall simply delete the moved files.

Step I: Download Skin Selector Mod v3 Android GTA SA

• Download Mod from:
  Google Drive
  Mirror Link

• Download Cleo Android:
  Download Cleo Android

Step II: Install this Mod in Your GTA SA Android

• Extract the downloaded mod (zip file).
• Move the ".csa" and ".fxt" files to:
   /Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/          <here>

Step III: Enjoy the mod

• Run the Game and enjoy the mod.

You can use this tool to change your skin to any custom skin like new skins you add. Go to our Youtube Channel for a detailed tutorial on this.
Skin Selector v3 Cleo Mod Android Skin Selector v3 Cleo Mod Android Reviewed by Unknown on 04 January Rating: 5

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  1. Hello! Can you port the T60 fallout armor skin to android? The author is Feisal AF. I tried to convert it but instead ended up freezing the skin selector and the buttons are disappearing but the model is still Cj. Same to the Bella skin i downloaded from this website. Here's the link for the skin also the "without alpha" images are exported as png. Is it the reason?

    1. ok these days I am busy but I will contact you (via these comments) if I successfully ported it! :)

    2. hello i have ported it to android but the dff file is just too big and that it makes the game lag... very lag can you reduce it???

    3. you can resize textures (images) using any image resizer program, it will make your mod faster!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. please tutorial for import skin gta sa pc to gta sa android

  4. I want to tell you that has copied your google drive link and used it in his own website


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