GTAAM contains a lot of mods, guides and tutorials. Every mod is different in its nature. But there are some tips which you should remember while following any guide in this blog. I have written many guides of many mods but some users still face bugs or issues. So this page will clear all of your issues and it will also answer most common questions. I have tried my best to write it as easy as I could. I will try to keep it up to date so please keep visiting this page frequently!
This page contains all Q/A, Tips, Tricks etc which should be remembered while modding your game. This whole guide is written only for GTA San Andreas. Some things may be new or different as compared to GTA San Andreas PC. In the tutorial I used these three names for GTA San Andreas. Here's what their meaning:
GTA San Andreas PC or GTA SA PC            =    only for PC version of GTA San Andreas
GTA San Andreas Android or GTA SA A     =    only for Android version of GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas or GTA SA          =    for both PC and Android version of GTA San Andreas


Q: What is GTA SA?
It is short for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It is one of the most famous open world game made by Rockstar Games.

Q: Difference between GTA SA and GTA SA A?
GTA SA or Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the PC version of GTA SA. While the GTA SA A is Android version of GTA SA.

Q: What is CLEO and what are CLEO Mods?
A: CLEO is a mod writing tool for GTA SA. You can create mods with it. But before you create mods with it you have to know programming languages (like C++) and opcodes (which game uses). CLEO 4 allows adding custom scripts (commonly with the file extension .cs or .csa) to the game written in Sanny Builder without need to start a new game. All you need is to write a script, place it in the CLEO folder and run the game (new or saved). This feature is recognized as one of the most important achievement in GTA SA modding. READ MORE>>

Q: What are mods?
Mods are game files (like textures, models, scripts etc) which add/update/replace default game files.
   Some example of mods are:
   ♦ Car mod: A car mod is a mod which replaces default GTA SA Android car. For example if I want to replace default CHEETAH car with new LAMBORGHINI car I will install a car mod.

Q: Who make mods?
A: Mods are made by users from all over the world. Mods are not made by Rockstar Games (the maker of GTA San Andreas). You can also make mods if you want.

Q: Are mods safe to install?
Yes! mods are safe to install. Mods may be buggy but in most cases they are safe to install.

Q: Why I need a rooted device to install mods?
You need a rooted device only if you want to install CLEO mods. If you don't want to install cleo mods then you don't need a rooted device. Cleo mods are different from other mods in many aspects. Cleo mods have an extension of ".csa" or ".csi" and they always go in this path:
  /Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/      <here>

Q: What are types of mods?
There are many types of mod. A mod is a modded (edited) file of game (except CLEO mods) which makes game much more enjoyable. Like if I want to change CJ (main character of GTA SA) to a new character, then I will install a skin mod which will change cj to another person. This type of mod is non cleo (it doesn't not require cleo to run). Similarly if I want to call some peds or gang members for my help then I need a cleo mod. A cleo mod is a new file (script) which adds new functions or things to do in GTA San Andreas. Cleo mods require cleo, so you have to install cleo in order to run these mods.
So we can say that there are two types of mods:
Non CLEO Mods

• CLEO Mods: These mods will only work if cleo is installed. For GTA San Andreas Android there are two types of CLEO Mods:
  ♦ Cleo mods with .csa extension
  ♦ Cleo mods with .csi extension

♦ Cleo mods with .csa extension: These cleo mods start as the game loads. Like a mod which adds a Cheetah car in my garage as I load my game!!! etc

♦ Cleo mods with .csi extension: These cleo mods can only be started if you want to start them. For example a car menu mod, which can be opened any time (if I want) to spawn new cars!! etc

• Non CLEO Mods: These mods do not require cleo. There are many types of non cleo mods. Like car mods, new skins, new maps, new textures, new fonts, new characters, new planes etc.
Non cleo mods are tricky to install.

Q: Can GTA SA PC mod be used in GTA SA Android?
A: Simple answer is "no". There are many reasons for it. Some reasons are:
   • PC can run high texture mods but android phones can't. So hardware limitation is biggest problem
   • PC uses .txd files for textures but GTA SA Android do not use this extension. Instead you have to extract .txd texure file then you have to import it to android. It can be tricky and time consuming process.
  • and some more reasons....

Q: What is "Extension" of a file?
To know about extension please click here!

Q: Is there any difference between GTA SA PC and GTA SA A?
No there is no difference between GTA SA PC and GTA SA Android. They are exactly same but android version has good graphics as compared to PC.

Q: How to install a mod in GTA SA A?
First of all you have to identify which mod is it!
   As I told you that there are tons of mods (all are different from each other) so you have to identify which type of mod is it. After identifying the type of mod you have to install it. Here are some tips with which you will be able to identify a mod.
• Note the extension of mod file/files.
• Download required tools (if required)
• Install it.

Here is a simple chart which tells you about file extensions that are used by GTA SA.
.csa/.csi/.cs/.fxt       These are extensions of cleo mods. They always go in
                                 /Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/        <here>
 .txd                        This is a texture file extension. It contains textures which are used by objects in                                     game. Like textures of a gun or textures of a building etc. This extension is only                                   used by GTA San Andreas PC. It is not used in GTA San Andreas Android.
.dff                          This is model file. It contains the model of object used in game. This extension is                                 used by both versions of GTA SA (PC & Android). A .dff file does not contain                                     any texture. It only contains the model of object.
.img                         This is like a zip file which contains a lot of files in it. In case of GTA San                                            Andreas PC, .img file contains .txd and .dff files (inside it) but in case of GTA                                      San Andreas Android, .img file contains .dff files only.
.txt                           It is a text file. It is used only by GTA San Andreas Android. It contains all                                            textures used in game. A special program called "txd fucker" is used to open                                        textures from it.
.ifp                           It is animation file. It contains animations used in GTA San Andreas.
.osw                         It contains music that you listen from game radio.
.cfg                          It is configuration file. Usually handling of vehicles are written in this file. Both                                   versions (PC and Android) use this file.
.ide                          It is item definition file. It contains model and texture info which are used by                                       game objects.
.dat                          There are many .dat files in gta sa android and gta sa pc. Every .dat file is                                             different from other. Some are used for modification but some are not used.                                           Weapon.dat file contains info about weapons. We can edit it to change range,                                        accuracy, damage etc of weapons. Font.dat file contains information of font used                                  in game. carcols.dat contains info about car colors. We can edit it to change                                          default colors of cars. etc etc
.col                           It contains info about collisions of game objects.
.ped & .grp             These are decision files. They tell peds, cops etc what to do when something                                           happens.
.set                            It is a configuration file. You can change in game settings like resolution, draw                                    distance etc with it.
.fxp                           It is used for animating particles. Like blood, explosions, gun shots etc
.gxt                           It contains all the text used in game.
.ipl                            Used to place objects in map. Like if you want to place a ramp on a road etc

Q: What is Modding?
A:  Modding is the process of editing game files. Modding is done by modders and after modding, a new (edited) file is made which is called a mod.

Q: What is difference between Modding and Porting?
  Modding and porting are two different processes. In modding, a mod is made from scratch but in porting a mod which is already made by a user is edited and made for other version of game. For example a user made a New Car Mod for GTA San Andreas PC. The mod adds a new car for GTA San Andreas PC. Now there is another user who play GTA San Andreas but in his phone (android). Now he wish to play this mod in his phone's GTA SA. So he will try to convert that mod in such a way that it will work fine with GTA SA Android. So this process is called porting.

Q: What is LAG? What is FPS?
FPS is Frames Per Second. The more it is, the better. Games usually run in either 30 fps or 60 fps. If a game is running at 15 fps or less you will see that it is running slowly. This is called LAG. And if a game is running smoothly (without lagging) then it is running with more then 30FPS. To measure FPS you can use software.

Q: I want to make a mod. Where to start?
 If you want to make mods for GTA San Andreas Android then go to tutorials section of this blog. There are not much tutorials but they are good enough that they will help you start modding. And search google, youtube for more tutorials. You will not find CLEO tutorials in this blog because I am not a cleo modder. But you can find cleo tutorials in gtaforums or other sites.

Q: I want to port a mod. Where to start?
A: There are some porting tutorials in this blog too!
Just go in tutorial section. For more help you can use Google and YouTube.

Q: I want to make cleo mod. Where to start?
A: Thats nice. Cleo mods are great. But unfortunately there are no tutorials of cleo in our blog. But you can find tons of tutorials in GTAForums, YouTube and in Google -_-

To be continued...
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