Installing & Understanding CLEO Android

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how to use cleo android? installing and understanding cleo android for gta san andreas android
Screen divided into 9 parts-Use mods by pressing special/unique buttons. Like pressing
number 7 and 9 opens Car Spawner Menu (mod). Every MOD has its own unique buttons to press. You have to install the mod before you can use it.
If you are new in GTA San Andreas Mobile modding then before you start modification of your GTA San Andreas Mobile, I recommend you to read this guide. This guide will cover all basic knowledge of cleo Android including how to install cleo android, how to use cleo android, how to install cleo Android Mobile mods etc. After this tutorial you will be able to use cleo android, install cleo mods and understand difference between different types of cleo mods. So lets begin the tutorial.

Before You Start

• Make sure you haye Android phone. We do not support windows and iOS devices for modification of GTA San Andreas Android. We support Android Officially.
• To installl cleo Android you have to root your phone. To root your phone you can take help from Google and  XDA. Root your phone at your own risk.
Rooting your phone can be dangerous. It may brick your phone permanently. Bricking means the phone will never turn on, neither charge nor display anything. GTAAM is not responsible for any damage caused to your phone during rooting or after rooting. Only you are responsible for it.

Checking the Game

• Run the game once to make sure the game is working fine.
• Now Configure GTA San Andreas Android for modifications by Clicking Here.
• Download the desired mod (for this  tutorial I am using basic Car Spawner Mod)
• Extract it, if it is in ".ZIP" or ".RAR" format.
• After extracting copy the file "carspawner.csi" to your Phone Memory or SD card and go to:
/Android/data/com.rockstargamea.gtasa/   <paste the file here>
• Now run the game and make sure you press the correct touch points.
  ♦ For this mod we have to press 7 and 9. Then to move up/down we use 7 and 9 keys and 5 to select that vehicle. Press 1 to cancel.

See the picture above and note their postions. Every mod has its own buttons/touch points to enable/disable mod. You will never see these touch points as shown in the picture but you have to remember them because they exist.
Some mods (like new cars/bike mods) can't be enabled/disabled. Similarly some mods may require to enable/disable by opening script menu. Which can be opened by moving your finger from top of #4 to #6 (like you open the notifications bar). #4 and #6 can be seen in the above picture. Or simply by pressing the Menu button (of your phone).

Also note that:

Cleo mods have an extension of ".csa" or ".csi" or ".fxt". And to install any cleo android mod, just move it to:
  /Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/        <here>
After moving just run the game and run the mod as described by the maker.

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  1. I can't see the plane in traffic mod

  2. Dude how to change the touch point ex: your bullet time mod touch point is #1 and i want to change it to #5 coz almost all your ported mod touch point is #1

    1. How to select touch points? I can only use swipe option.

    2. you need Sanny Builder to change touch points (it requires editing cleo files). it requires PC. Google and gtaforum can help you about this issue!
      @Deepak Lalwani : to use touch points go to this link:

  3. but the touch doesnt work dude nothing happens.. just the swipe down works
    pls help

    1. See this:

  4. Hey what is hot coffee? Is it available for android ?? If yes than share apk link please

    1. it is an adult mod. We have a similar mod like it. Its link is:

  5. Hey,
    I installed checked compatibility which was a yes then copied the scripts files to the root game directory as above. The menu opens on sliduing down but there are no entries in the list to choose it shows just blanks in the whole list.

    What am i doing wrong?


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