Upload Your Mod in GTAAM:

Now you can send me your mod or mods which are shareware (permission from owners to share any where with credit). I will upload and share that mod in this blog. You can send the info of your mod including mod name, author name and screenshots via email or our Facebook page. Just make sure you fill all the mandatory fields (which have an asterisk "*" before them). If you do not provide sufficient info about your mod then your mod will not be posted in this blog. Also make sure you send info in English language only!


Why should I give my mod to you?

I am not forcing any one to give me your mods. I just want to make your mod more famous and let all users enjoy your mod. And it is free to send me your mod (and share here!). I am a blogger and a big fan of GTA. I want each and every mod of GTA SA Android to be shared here.

What are your blog stats?

Currently we get daily 10,000+ visitors. So if you give your mod to us, you may get a huge fan base.

Will you re-upload my mod?

Simple answer is "YES"!
We have to re-upload mods in our account so users have no download issues. Sometimes authors delete their mods. To fix this issue we have to upload mods in our database.
Please note that we do not re-upload mods with more than 150MB size. All mods which are greater than 150MB should be maintained by the author.

So will I get famous?

May be!! we can't garantee because its all up to you. People need great mods, so a good mod idea means a huge views of your mods which means a huge increase in your fans. Screenshots also affects views. Better the screenshot, more views/downloads you get. Also if you share/advertise your mod in youtube and other social networking sites then there are more chances of your mods to get famous. So it all depends on you.

Moreover, we write a description of your mod, describing what your mod do. We also write a installation guide so users who are new to modding have no difficulty in installing your mod. And the best part is you do not need to help your fans/users. We reply to all questions in 2 to 3 days (excluding some comments that make no sense)!

So are your ready? 

All you have to do is just fill all these fields and send as email to: "TaqiChauhan@gmail.com". You will get a confirmation message that your mod is accepted (or rejected)! It may take 24 to 48 hours to get a confirmation message.

Fields with Asterisk "*" are mandatory! 

Use this template in email to send us your mod:

  • *Maker of this mod: ________________
  • Email of maker: ___________________
  • *Download Link of mod: _____________
  • *Installation instructions: ___________________
  • *How to use this mod: ___________________ 
  • *Screenshots/Video of mod: ________________
*○ By sending this info you agree to our Privacy Policy and you agree that you hold the right to share this mod.
After completing above blanks, send it to our email "taqichauhan@gmail.com". 

If someone ever complained this mod as his mod, we may ask for proof from him and you. All you have to do is provide the screenshots of your modifications which can prove that you made it.  

Before uploading someone's mod, please take permission from them, or let them send their mod to us.
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