Possible Fix For GTA SA Android Has Stopped Working Error

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You may have faced "Unfortunately, GTA SA has stopped working" error in your Android phones after installing a mod or mod pack in GTA San Andreas Android. This is really annoying error because nobody knows the exact reason of this error. Yesterday, I faced the same error and after some research I was able to fix this error. This is usually caused because of mismatching of GPU. All phones have GPU like we have graphics cards in our desktops. So your mobile should have a gpu which should be supported by the mod or mod pack. Today, I will tell you a detailed guide on how to fix this error.

Before You Start

This guide may or may not work for you. This worked for me, thats why I am sharing it.
• You have to rename all the files present inside folders in "texdb" folder.
• To know the name of your GPU, you can use "CPU-Z" app (free in playstore). Open it and you can see your GPU name as shown in this pic:

how to know the name of my gpu renderer cpu z

Fix for "Unfortunately, GTA SA has stopped working error"

• After downloading the mod or mod pack (which is causing this error) you have to extract the mod (if it is in .zip or .rar).
• After extracting, you should see some files and folders.
• Now, we have to rename the files with your phone's GPU code. but before we do this, take a look at the table below:

# GPU    Code
1.   Adreno   dxt
2.   PowerVR   pvr
3.   Other GPU's   etc

Now keep this in mind that if you have Adreno GPU in your phone then rename the text highlighted in below pictures with "dxt". Similarly if you have PowerVR then rename to "pvr" and if you have any other GPU like Mali, Tegra or any other then rename to "etc".

So, lets begin the tutorial:
• Go to the location where you extracted the mod pack and you will see some files and folders. Go to "texdb" folder and you will see some more files and folders like this:

Possible Fix For GTA SA Android Has Stopped Working Error

• We have to go to each of the folder inside "texdb" folder and rename the files there. So lets start renaming. First go to "gta3" folder and you will see some files (shown below).  Now you have to rename all the files which have been highlighted in the picture below (except ".txt" and ".unc.tmb" file).  You don't have to rename all the text. Just rename the code highlighted with your GPU's code. My GPU is PowerVR so I have added the text ".pvr." in all the three files. You have to replace the world ".pvr." with your GPU code. If your GPU code is not present in the table above then rename it with ".etc.".

Possible Fix For GTA SA Android Has Stopped Working Error gtaam tutorial

• Now go to "txd" folder and rename its files with your GPU code.

Possible Fix For GTA SA Android Has Stopped Working Error full guide

• Similarly go to other folders (present inside texdb folder) and rename the three files with your GPU code. After renaming all, run the game. I hope the mod will work now.

If its not working then please do not post rude comments. Because I have already mentioned that the exact reason of this error is unknown. This worked for me that's why I shared it. This may be due to cleo, un-stable mod, some bugs in mod, old or latest game version and may be due to cleo.
If the tutorial helped you and you want to thanks us, you can like us in Facebook and subscribe us in Youtube. Thanks. 
Possible Fix For GTA SA Android Has Stopped Working Error Possible Fix For GTA SA Android Has Stopped Working Error Reviewed by Taqi Chauhan on 20 November Rating: 5

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  1. It won't let me rename them, it says operation completed with errors

    1. First of all please do not spam, as it makes me and everyone angry. Secondly, can you please tell me which File Manager App are you using? Try using ES File Explorer.

    2. Sorry it accidently sent twice, and I tried using es file explorer, it still didn't work

    3. Did you try renaming any other file? AFAIK it is due to rom bugs. Try any other file manager please.

  2. bro i using canibal return mod on GTA San but there is too much lag and game force close please help me my device is Galaxy s2

    1. Well the device is too old and outdated. Try playing game in low settings.

  3. does it goes also to other folders like file folder or data folder or model folder? whichever i put my mods, i have to put the gpu code?

  4. Does ot work on lenovo tab 2 a7-30HC

  5. Actually, renaming is not the best way.
    It would bring some texture glitches.
    I think using txdfucker to convert it is best and keep all 3 types. I have removed the PVR and etc, and glitches start.

  6. if you rename the files in "player" folder, it will crash the game. Let those pvr fiiles as they are.

  7. Still not able to run the game
    It just always stops "unfortunately"!!!
    My GPU is tegra (Nvidia)
    My device : Nvidia Tegra Note 7

  8. I do not have any mods installed. Still the game crashes. Any suggestion on that?

  9. LOL! This stupid fix make the game run on GPDXD Plus !!! :)
    For it to work you have to download the android texture fix (google for it) then apply this fix described above before copying files to the SDCARD.
    Thank you guy :)

  10. Bro someone Pls help me 🤔after doing all this still my game keeps stopping

  11. I cant find texdb folder....someone should help me please


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