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We (at GTAAM) work hard to write as easy guides as we can. We try our best to gather all GTA San Andreas Android mods from all web. But due to some other works it is not possible to make daily posts or share each and every mod. 
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Grand Theft Auto Android Modding [GTAAM]

GTAAM or GTA Android Modding is a blog created on 2014 by Taqi Chauhan (Admin). It was created by Taqi Chauhan for his own work for GTA SA Mobile. But after seeing no support for GTA SA Mobile, Taqi created it a site only for GTA San Andreas Android. He with some other modders started working on GTAAM to make it like other modding sites. GTAAM is hosted in Blogger (as of 26 October 2016). It had no custom domain until September 2016.
After success of GTAAM more and more work was seen for GTA San Andreas Mobile. GTAAM is also famous for its Tutorials. Tutorials are in written form or in video (our Youtube Channel). They are in simple English. Their is still very less support for GTA SA Mobile (Android Version) and almost no support for iOS support. GTAAM is considered the best site for Mobile Modding of GTA San Andreas Android. It is famous because of its step by step guides for installing mods and its tutorials.

Most of the mods shared/posted here are from "GTAinside". All modders share their mods there.
Now you will be thinking why we share them here when we can download them from their?
The answer is most of them don't provide installation guide. Not everybody can install mods. Some of them want a guide. And this blog is for those.

We made this blog on August, 2014 (approx.). And after 1 month this blog was getting 200+ visitors daily, which proved that their are people who need these guides and these mods. Now (03-04-2016) we are getting 5000+ views daily. And as of 26 October 2016 we are getting (+10,000 views daily).  There are lots of people who contact us to request mods, ask for help and even only to say YOUR BLOG IS AWESOME...!!


A little about Admin of GTAAM:

Taqi Chauhan Avatar Photo with no nose and face Muhammad Taqi ChauhanTaqi Chauhan is the admin of GTAAM. He is 21 years old. He is from Pakistan. He is a blogger, modder and gamer. You can follow him on his FacebookTwitterYoutubeVK and Google Plus. This blog and everything related to it is managed by him alone. The bad thing about him is " HE IS LAZY"!!! Anyway for any question, help or issues contact him directly by emailing him at:

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